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* Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

Podium Star values the protection and privacy of website visitors’ personal information in accordance with the law of the Republic of Korea, the Personal Information Protection Act. Podium Star further attempts to make the applicant feel safe when they are required to provide their personal information. Please carefully read the information below and make a decision on whether or not you agree with the personal information collection and usage.

1. Types of information and ways of collection
1) Items to be collected (required)
□ Contact form: Name, Email
※ You may refuse to consent to the collection of this information. However, this information is essential for contacting us via the contact form. If you refuse, you will not be able to contact us via this method.

2. Usage of personal information and retention period
The user’s personal information will be destroyed immediately upon request. However, if it is necessary to retain personal information pursuant to the relevant statutes, Podium Star may retain personal information as follows, as prescribed by the relevant statutes.

- Ads and notices for marketing purposes: 1 year
- If an investigation is underway due to a violation of relevant laws and regulations, information will be retained until the investigation is complete.