Startup founder videos

At Podium Star, on-stage pitches are preceded with short videos we call Vision60. In these videos, founders introduce their entrepreneurial story and overall vision for their company.

  • Zephframe

    AI-powered smart doors to cool the future
  • Xquant

    Bringing data intelligence to financial companies
  • WeRide

    Get paid to ride
  • Tiny Wave

    Improving the safety of structures and facilities
  • Teknobuilt

    AI-driven project delivery
  • Shh-wit

    Online protection from toxic language
  • Port

    Telepresence for remote work
  • Gentle Energy

    Know your factory
  • WI.Plat

    Locating underground water leakage using mobile technology
  • Who's Good

    Responsible investment decisions through AI-driven ESG insights
  • The PlantEat

    Plant based meat alternatives for a healthy planet

    Improving recycling efficiency with bacteria
  • E Green Global

    Lab-to-farm clean seed technology
  • Bronine

    Global standard of charger technology
  • 4EN

    Leading Asia’s largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative